Seasonal Fashion Tips

Issue #1 – Spring

Spring is the perfect time to see the blossom festival. Let’s dress well and own your spring moment.

Style Advice: Layer, clothes depend on the weather. Pairing jeans, t-shirt, denim outwear and would be a great choice. For the feminine look, a dress with a cardigan and a cotton scarf / pashmina will stimulate your mood.

Issue #2 – Summer

It’s summer! Are you ready to fill your wardrobe with choices of summer style?

Style Advice: It is hot outside. Leave your coat and merinos. The days will be sunny and longer, take the advantage of the beautiful weather to get your denim short, skirt, loose t-shirts, tank-tops, light blouse, printed t-shirt with you. For guys, your denim short / pants, loose t-shirt with sport / casual shoes / sandals will be suitable. Do not leave your hat, accessories, sunglasses, sunblock. You’re ready for summer!

Issue #3 – Autumn

It is getting colder and crisp in the morning and it will be warmer in the afternoon. It gets chilly after the sun goes down. Enjoy your autumn splendor and dress well.

Style Advice: Light trousers, longer shorts with neutral colored t-shirt, light jersey long sleeved top will suit for your autumn look. For women, wool fabric dress with warm jumper or leather jacket and scarf if the weather is getting colder (optional).

Issue #4 – Winter

Cann't we be fashionable during winter? Who says?

Style Advice: Warm and snug clothes with a winter coat / a waterproof jacket are essential. The thick merino jumpers, long sleeved jersey and a printed colorful t-shirt to enliven you winter mood. Stick to fabrics, wool, fleece and polyester to keep you warm. Adding some accessories, classic beanies, scarf, gloves, and boots are great style combination.