Accessories Tips

The Art of Accessorising

Who doesn't love accessories? The important thing is knowing how to wear them! Some things to think about are matching accessories with your outfit - taking into consideration colour, scale and style.

1. Colour

When the attire is black or white, then we are free to mix and match with any colour of accessories. When we wear colourful attire, we need to make sure that the accessories are not clashing. Pairing colours can be tricky but it's also a chance to be adventurous. Sometimes, some shades don't look great when paired together. For instance, it is a good idea to try to avoid mixing red and green together, unless it is a special occasion (Christmas?!). The best idea is to experiment with both the accessories and your outfit. It is common to combine up to three colors in your overall look.

2. Scale

The scale of the accessories is also considered important. If your clothing is boldly patterned, then simple accessories are best. The use of accessories is to support your appearance, so it should help to emphasise your outfit instead of being the main part of your overall look.

3. Style

Fashion accessories are also a great way to portray your style! Here are some accessory examples for different styles.

Classic Accessories

Women: silk scarf, leather clutch, pearl / diamond earrings, leather watch, black high heels

Men: leather watch, leather shoes

Glamorous Accessories

Women: sky-high heels, oversized sunglasses, chandelier earrings, crystal clutch, diamond ring

Men: Ring, leather watch, leather shoes

Playful Accessories

Women: boho bag, skinny belt, flat shoes, colorful jewellery

Men: sport shoes, hat, headband

Work Accessories:

Women: classic watch, shoulder bag, black pumps, simple earrings

Men: classic watch, black shoes, classic tie

Casual Accessories:

Women: sport shoes, sunglasses, casual hat, knee high boots, light bracelet, sandals

Men: sport shoes, sandals, sunglasses, simple watch