Why We Do What We Do - Video Campaign

The 'Why We Do What We Do' campaign is about celebrating and sharing your passion for fashion - the inspiration, motivation and authenticity behind your clothing and accessories brand. It is an exclusive opportunity for you as a shop featured in the KiwiLabel marketplace to provide visitors with a deeper insight into your brand philosophy. Through video, you can build a relationship with visitors to the KiwiLabel site, and inspire and encourage them to be proud of local brands and your purpose.

How to contribute a video

  • Record a short video (approx. 1 minute long) which answers one simple question: Why do you do what you do? Introduce your brand and share your inspirations, motivations and brand philosophy. What got you started and what do you love most about your business? How you shoot your video is up to you!
  • Upload your video to your YouTube account and email the video URL to media@storbie.com
  • We will then create a category in the KiwiLabel marketplace called 'Feature Shop: [Your Shop Name]' to which you can nominate 3 of your products. These will be featured alongside your video on the Featured Designers page.

See the video about Wellington t-shirt company Very Well for inspiration!

Do you have any clothing or accessory items on sale? Add them to the KiwiLabel SALE category!

Our SALE page features a selection of clothing and accessories that are currently on sale. You can nominate up to 20 of your sale products to be featured on this page.

How to nominate your products

You can nominate up to 20 products into the SALE category. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your shop Manage area
  2. Click on the Markets tab where you will see the KiwiLabel marketplace among other marketplaces. If you can't see KiwiLabel please contact support@storbie.com and we'll add you in.
  3. Click 'Show' next to the KiwiLabel Available Categories 
  4. Scroll to find the SALE category and click 'Choose'
  5. Search for your desired products by name and add them to the category.
  6. Click Finish
  7. That category will now appear under KiwiLabel in Chosen Categories. You can edit your chosen products in any category by clicking the wheel icon next to that category, or remove all of your products from the category by clicking remove. Please remember to remove your products from the SALE category when they are no longer on sale!

If you have any questions please contact support@storbie.com.